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Hazardous Gas Detection
Don’t take chances when it comes to dangerous fumes and gases – trust Canada's most knowledgeable indoor air quality specialists. With over 30 years’ experience, Gasonic Instruments is your best option for comprehensive sales, service and calibration of hazardous gas monitors. We provide trusted, certified service for buildings of all types:

  • Vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Offices, warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Multi-family residential condominiums
  • Laboratories, sports complexes and more
If you rely on clean air to keep your people safe, you can rely on us for the most dependable, cost-efficient solutions. The safety of all building occupants is our primary concern and we pride ourselves on offering our clients the lowest incident rates in the industry.

Saving You Money
Hazardous gas detection is an often overlooked opportunity for cost savings. While it may seem that your equipment is operating adequately, our energy audits can often uncover hidden savings opportunities. At Gasonic, we combine a wealth of experience with the latest technologies available to make recommendations to our clients based on three crucial criteria:

Reliability: Only the most dependable equipment can guarantee the quality of your air and the safety of your people.
  • Efficiency: Leading edge technologies offer accurate measurements and use minimal amounts of energy to remove hazardous gases.
  • Sustainability: Reducing energy use is a major component of building a sustainable planet, and an excellent way to cut operating costs.
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WINNER of the Calgary Residential Association Environmental Excellence Award 2015

Our recommendations have repeatedly proven to offer long term savings for our clients. In 30 years of operation, Gasonic Instruments has saved our clients over one million dollars in energy and maintenance costs. When upgrading to modern equipment and technologies, it is not uncommon for our clients to enjoy annual savings of up to $50 per parking stall.

Gasonic Instruments Inc. is a net ZERO emissions company!

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So you have CO detectors in your home. Do you feel protected?

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Is your building safe?
Be sure you are compliant!

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