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SKC 224-PCXR4 Air Sampling Pump - Product # 1111

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Honeywell Manning GM-JR

The GM-JR is an innovative stand-alone or "signal feed-through" readout/alarm unit that can be configured in a variety of ways to solve many refrigeration-gas concentration and alarm needs at an affordable price. The readout provides a calibrated 20-segment LED bargraph, alarm and fault LEDs, plus a relay output with easy trip point adjustment.

This unique, practical gas monitor readout/alarm device offers a variety of configuration options for industrial refrigeration customers with their own computer control system, OEMs who want to incorporate gas sensing in their design and existing Honeywell Analytics customers who want remote indication other than at their main readout. It has an easily adjusted setpoint and relay output in either configuration, plus 4/20mA output in the "feed-through" design. With its own plug-in power supply, the GM-JR sensor combination provides an economical answer for local concentration level information and control capability.

The GM-JR standard configuration is a single, rugged, miniaturized board mounted inside the door of the enclosure, and a separate terminal board for the sensor and/or power cable connections. The 20-segment LED bargraph has a calibrated scale that is specified when ordered. Alarm trip adjustments are made easily at 5% increments. On power up or after momentary power loss, a one-minute power-up delay period allows the sensor to stabilize.

The unit continuously monitors the incoming 4/20 mA signal from the sensor. If the signal drops below 1.4 mA, the fault LED will illuminate and the alarm relay will trip. The alarm relay is always energized in its normal state, providing additional safety.

The GM-JR can be housed in its own 4" x 6" heavy-duty steel enclosure and operate as an "end of line" stand-alone readout/alarm unit or feed the sensor's 4/20 mA signal directly through to a PLC. It also can be mounted in the door of any sensor enclosure to incorporate both sensor and readout in the same 4" x 6" or 6" x 8" housing. Use #18/3 shielded cable (Belden #8770 or equal) for runs up to 1500' with most sensors.
Beneficial Features
  • 20-segment calibrated bargraph
  • Power-up delay
  • Fail-safe design
  • Easy trip setting
  • Relay output is time delayed
  • Downscale alarm configuration available for oxygen
  • Rugged NEMA 1, gasketed steel enclosure
  • Continuous fault monitoring
  • Feed-through configuration allows remote readout capability while being powered from instrument cable (no remote power supply needed)
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