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SKC 224-PCXR4 Air Sampling Pump - Product # 1111

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RKI RI-415

Portable Infrared HC Gas Detector

This model is a portable HC or CH4 detector with an Infrared (NDIR) type sensor. This sensor style provides accurate detection of HC or CH4 gas levels even in N2 and inert environment. The measuring ranges are 0-100 Volume% and 0-100% LEL, with automatic ranging. The RI-415 has explosion proof and Intrinsic safety construction so it can be used safely in any environment.
  • Available to measure from higher concentration (vol%) to lower concentration (%LEL)
  • Explosion proof (Detector: Explosion proof, other electrical circuit and pump, intrinsically safe design)
  • Available to measure HC or CH4 in N2 or inert gas with a reliable NDIR method
  • Measures gas concentrations in tank of LNG carriers and LPG carriers
  • Measurement of gas concentrations in crude oil tanker
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