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Gasonic Instruments – About Us

Our story begins in the early 1980s when our founder, Kae Shummoogum, was working as a gas detection sales engineer. At the time, carbon monoxide (CO) detection technology was still in its infancy, and servicing and calibration of hazardous gas monitors had to be done off-site. This meant that buildings were left unmonitored for weeks at a time during routine equipment maintenance.

Kae recognized that this posed a great health and safety risk and began using his expertise and industry knowledge to develop field calibration procedures. In 1985, Kae launched Gasonic Instruments Inc. to provide mobile calibration services for CO detectors – a service which is still a large part of the work we do today. In addition to offering a mobile calibration service, Kae realized there was a significant need for technology that went beyond simple exhaust gas monitoring. He searched for the best products available to supply to commercial buildings with detection of ammonia, carbon dioxide, chlorine, freon, nitrogen dioxide and many more toxic gases. Today, Kae continues to research available technologies to source the most reliable, efficient gas detection equipment on the market.

The technology gap widens
During the late eighties, Gasonic conducted a comparative evaluation of several carbon monoxide sensors and realized that one in particular proved to be significantly more accurate and stable than the rest. The improved technology resulted in elimination of false alarms and had the added benefit of requiring less frequent calibration. This striking revelation spurred many building owners to upgrade to this new model of CO detector, resulting in far fewer air quality incidents and significantly reduced costs for building managers.

While our competitors were reluctant to introduce technology that would reduce their service department billings, we forged ahead, saving our clients millions of dollars in wasted energy, and winning the trust of many building owners.

Gasonic today
Today, Gasonic Instruments offers a full range of toxic gas and emission detection products and maintenance services. During the last few years, Gasonic has taken an increasingly holistic approach to the commercial gas monitoring business. We want to provide our customers with more reliable equipment that requires less maintenance, while offering sustainable, energy efficient solutions for all types of buildings.

By focusing on energy efficiency, we offer building owners tremendous savings on energy costs while also having a positive impact on the environment. This allows our clients to strike the perfect balance of Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and energy efficiency, making buildings healthier and more efficient.

Gasonic Instruments is proud to be a part of
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