Investigation of Indoor Air Quality Problems


Testing and Data Collection


Analysis of Data Collected


Compliance Recommendations (HVAC/Permanent Monitoring Equipment)

From the PARKADE TO THE PENTHOUSE we specialize in a holistic approach to solving your air quality issues.

Inmosphere Consulting offers comprehensive integrated solutions that go well beyond traditional indoor environmental quality.


Indoor Environment Quality investigation is a complex process requiring a comprehensive understanding of human health and how it is affected by chemical, biological and physical stressors in our workplace. However, in order to adequately assess the quality of an indoor environment, this knowledge must be complimented with the appropriate Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) expertise, as well as access to leading edge environmental monitoring instruments.

Inmosphere Consulting has designed a unique system of addressing indoor environment quality by recognizing the multi-disciplinary approach required. Since our experts have access to a large variety of the best equipment available, we offer the most comprehensive service at a fixed price. This innovate holistic approach ensures our clients get the best possible outcomes in their indoor environments.

Letter from Kae

Some of the ways we can improve and protect your environment:

Air Quality
Workplace environments often contain invisible air contaminants such as hazardous gases and dust particles. While invisible, these contaminants can have significant effects on the health and safety of persons within the environment. Inmosphere Consulting uses state of the art equipment to evaluate the quality of the air you breathe and protect your health.

Noise Levels
Noise pollution has been shown to be a common cause of lower productivity in the modern workplace. Inmosphere Consulting offers noise mapping and dosimetry services and recommends control measures to ensure your employees can work in the most comfortable, productive environment possible.

One of the most complicated IEQ issues is mold. If not properly identified, tested and treated, mold can represent a very serious health risk. Often initially identified through odour complaints, untreated mold can cause issues in buildings of all types. Inmosphere Consulting uses state of the art air, bulk, and surface sampling to identify and eliminate mold well before it becomes an occupational hazard.

Having appropriate lighting in the workplace is an often overlooked component of indoor environment quality. Having too little or too much light can cause your employees undue strain and lead to lowered productivity, headaches, and increased sick days. Inmosphere Consulting’s holistic approach ensures that lighting works hand in hand with other elements of IEQ to reduce stress and optimize productivity.

Inmosphere Consulting’s varied background and broad expertise makes them the perfect partner for indoor environment consulting. Whether you have had issues in the past, are facing an issue at the moment or are just curious about evaluating your current environment’s quality, Inmosphere Consulting can offer comprehensive consulting services to help you understand the issues and challenges of indoor environment quality.

Hazard Identification
Prevention is often the best and most cost-effective method of practicing safety. Inmosphere Consulting offers workplace evaluations to identify potential health risks before they become emergencies. This allows you to keep your employees happy and healthy and ensure that your buildings are safe.

Incident Investigation/Prevention
In the aftermath of a health and safety incident, it is important to fully investigate the causes and outcomes to keep future incident rates at a minimum. Inmosphere Consulting has the tools and expertise to accurately diagnose the root causes of incidents and put preventative measures in place for the future.


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