Improve indoor air quality by 50% and eliminate hazardous gas incidents.

Building operators feel pressure to keep costs low. At the same time, we can all agree that detection of deadly carbon monoxide and air quality testing isn’t the place to cut corners.

Gasonic understands this balance.

We give our clients the best value for their money, without compromising safety and convenience.

We test indoor air quality with the best-trained technicians and the best monitoring technology, offering more than just calibration.

We ensure healthy air from parkade to penthouse.

At Gasonic, we’re on a mission to ensure everyone is breathing clean air.



Carbon Monoxide Detection – Indoor Air Quality – Calgary & Southern Alberta

We provide gas detection equipment rental and service for:

  • Parkades
  • Vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Offices, warehouses and industrial buildings
  • Multi-family residential condominiums
  • Laboratories, sports complexes and more

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We offer the best price without compromising safety, while helping to protect you from legal risk and liability.



Most property managers and building owners are shocked to learn the building code standards for parkades don’t reflect how we actually use indoor parking.

We offer an optional 24-hour indoor air quality study of your parkade to ensure your ventilation system is doing its job during peak traffic hours.



We offer free assessments to help get you on the path toward pristine indoor air quality. .

You can book a session with our founder, Kae Shummoogum to come up with a plan to protect the indoor air quality of your whole building.



We use the best-trained technicians and the best monitoring technology to go beyond basic calibration, ensuring healthy air from parkade to penthouse.

Ask about our certification program.


Beyond Carbon Monoxide Detection Gasonic offers Calgary air quality testing, equipment rentals, consulting and more

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Hazardous Gas Monitoring
  • Certification of
    Gas Detection
  • System Upgrades
  • Compliance to
  • Air Quality Investigation
  • Testing/Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Consulting/Compliance
  • Environmental Quality
    Testing Equipment
  • Pre-calibrated/
  • Retrofitting of
    Lighting Systems
  • ZERO Waste
    Recycling of
    Fluorescent Bulbs

Test Your Indoor Air Quality

We've all learned the phrase “Flattening the Curve,” related to the global pandemic.
This is *also* what Gasonic does with exhaust fumes in your parkade. We lower those spikes of toxic exhaust. This video shows just how polluted indoor air can be, and how we can test your air with our Nissan Leaf mobile lab.
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Property managers and building owners should have an indoor air quality partner.

Someone who does more than just come in once a year and tick off some boxes on a checklist, someone who is a clean air expert, and who understands about their cost pressures too.

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Our first meeting regarding the zero-waste fluorescent light recycling system was to Sharon Howland, the form
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Summa Manor Light Upgrade

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