6 Reasons Why You Should Ride an eBike This Summer


Summer is around the corner, and is the time of the year Calgarians spend as much time outdoors as possible to soak up in the sunshine. And as a consequence of the warmer weather, many of us tend to dust off our good old bikes to get around the city. 

If it happens that your bike needs a change this season, then you’re in luck. Today, we are going to tell you all about eBikes and their benefits for getting around.

What’s an eBike?

eBikes are just like regular bikes, with the added boost of an integrated, lithium-ion battery motor to assist the rider when pedaling. This feature allows the rider to ride longer distances for less effort. Besides their motorized components, all parts of an eBike are exactly the same as traditional bikes.

eBikes come in as many styles and models as regular bikes too, so you can pick the model that better suits your needs: from commuting, urban-style, to full-suspension mountain eBikes for riding more demanding terrain during your summer adventures. 

So that’s what an eBike is, let’s discuss some of the reasons why you should choose an eBike for getting around this summer.

6 Reasons You Should Ride an eBike This Summer

You Don’t Have to Buy One

That’s right, you don’t have to invest on your own eBike if you don’t want to. eBikes’ popularity have been increasing over the past few years, and now we have more rental options available. eBike operators Neuron and Bird recently launched their fleets in Calgary, just in time for the summer. Rental eBikes are an affordable way for riders to test them before purchasing their own, or for reducing their car usage during the summer. 

You Can Ride with Ease

Thanks to the help of the motor, you can ride distances you couldn’t with a traditional bike, without too much effort or sweating. The motor assistance also allows a smoother ride on a wide variety of roads; including inclines, hills, or uneven terrain, which reduces stress on the joints due to the effort. This makes eBikes a suitable option for more people, including seniors and the disabled. 

They Don’t Need Special Maintenance 

Since eBikes (except for the battery) have the same parts as a traditional bike, they need the same maintenance and repairs. And the battery is pretty easy to take care of. Here are a few tips you can consider to keep it in top shape:

Keep it clean: use a damp cloth and a dry brush to remove any dirt between the connections.

Keep it charged, but not fully charged: charging it 100% stresses the battery and accelerates its degradation, so the key is to charge up to 80% or 85%, especially if you don’t need the eBike for long distances, or if you don’t plan to use your eBike for a long period of time.

Store it appropriately: store your battery at a room temperature, and keep it away from any corrosives, hazardous materials.

They Support a Healthy, Active Lifestyle

If you think that because eBikes take less effort to ride you won’t be exercising, you’re wrong. Studies have shown that eBike riders can get the same benefits from cardiovascular exercise as conventional bike riders, but with less perceived exertion.

And eBikes can make athletes work hard too. Bike review website BikeRadar ran a test with the British Hill Climb Champion in 2021, and he hit 198bpm out of his max of 208bpm riding an eBike on a challenging lap.

Even with the pedal-assist, you’ll still put in the effort to move your eBike, strengthen your muscles and your heart without feeling exhausted.

They Are Better for the Environment

Choosing an eBike will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. They’re a clean, sustainable alternative to commute with zero emissions, cheaper and easier to maintain than other electric vehicles, help to reduce congestion and noise pollution in urban areas, and have less impact on the road infrastructure, helping us to enjoy a cleaner, greener city.

Wherever your travels take you this summer, an eBike will be the ideal companion to get around: It will provide you with a smooth, enjoyable riding experience that’s just as healthy for the environment as it is for you. Have fun this summer, and happy eBiking!

If you would like to try an eBike on June 11 & 12, be sure to check out the Eco-Solar Home Tour. Our founder, Kae Shummoogum will have a number of eBikes on hand for people who visit his wind- and solar-powered home on the tour. For more information visit ecosolar.ca

6 Reasons Why You Should Ride an eBike This Summer


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