Envirolight Retrofit

Innovative Lighting Solutions For An Energy Efficient World

EnviroLight Retrofit offers reliable energy efficient lighting technologies to save our customers money and inspire them towards greater sustainability.

We offer FREE upgrades to your parkade lights!

How can we do that? We pay the upfront costs so you can enjoy the benefits of the increased efficiency. We receive our payment over the term of the agreement from the proven saving. As the life of the bulb is over 60,000 hours and our unique on-site warranty is 3 years, you have nothing to lose! You will beat the carbon tax!




Envirolight Recycling

Innovative Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling For A Greener Tomorrow

EnviroLight Recycling offers customized logistics and recycling solutions to help keep harmful toxic materials, such as mercury, out of landfills.

We provide a recycle system for all types of light bulbs with zero pollution to the air, water and soil. Our system re-uses over 99.9% of the rare earth elements, metals and glass for a more sustainable future.

To date we have recovered 1 Kilogram of mercury! That’s enough to contaminate an entire lake!

Amount of Mercury Recovered (kg)


Number of Lakes Saved From Pollution


Amount of Mercury Recycled (g)


ENIVROLIGHT Retrofit & Recycling

Light bulbs can be toxic. One tube-style fluorescent bulb contains enough mercury to contaminate 5000 litres of water. Let EnviroLight Retrofit & Recycling help. EnviroLight will pick up a variety of potentially hazardous bulbs and safely recycle them. Our partner facility ensures 99% of light bulb waste is captured and reused.
You can get rid of toxic fluorescent bulbs forever, by replacing them with energy saving LEDs. Our plug-and-play LED bulbs don’t require you to upgrade your ballasts.

Letter from Kae

Gasonic Group launches EnviroLight Retrofit and Recycle as a Social Enterprise

A Social Business was defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus as a non-dividend business created to address a social or environmental problem. It is managed like a non-profit organization without the tax exemption status and runs alongside a regular for-profit business.

Gasonic Group has a strong environmental goal: Clean Air by 2050

This commitment led us to re-launch EnviroLight Retrofit and Recycle as a combined social business unit within Gasonic Group .


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