EnviroRentals specializes in monitoring equipment for the indoor environment. Ask about about monitors for air flow, air sampling, hazardous gas, noise, magnetic field, particulates, radioactivity, respiratory fit testing, and volatile organic compounds.

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We stock only the highest quality equipment and pride ourselves in servicing and calibrating our devices regularly to keep them accurate and reliable.
At EnviroRentals, we have been providing quality and well-maintained indoor environment monitoring for over 30 years. As a member of the Gasonic Group, our passion is to create healthier and more sustainable buildings for all our clients.
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Letter from Kae

We’ve Been Solving Indoor Environment Problems For Over 20 Years

The team at EnviroRentals is dedicated, first and foremost, to helping you provide a safe and healthy indoor environment to your people. This is not just a business to us… it’s a calling.

EnviroRentals is part of the Gasonic Group of companies, and was founded in 1995, with the primary purpose of providing cost effective solutions for monitoring instruments for Environmental Health & Safety Professionals. In the early years, we provided equipment for water and soil contamination from leaking gasoline storage tanks.

Over the years, the awareness for indoor environment quality grew significantly, and EnviroRentals added a large inventory to include over 60 different instruments to measure noise, particulates, radioactivity and other environmental parameters. Along with the growing inventory, an ISO 9001 quality standard was developed to provide our customers with well-maintained and reliable instruments.

We provide our customers with unmatched service and support, along with a large inventory of cutting edge equipment, at an affordable price.


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