ALNOR Balometer Jr – Air Flow Measurement

The ALNOR Balometer Jr assists the user in making rapid and accurate measurements of air flow in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. The Alnor Balometer directly reads average standard air flow rate, for either supply or return diffusers, on the ceilings, walls, or floor. The readings are displayed directly in CFM (cubic feet per minute)eliminating the need for complex measurements and calculation.

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  • Features :
  • Fits grills up to 2 feet square,
  • Compact and lightweight,
  • Simple to use-one knob,
  • Reads directly in CFM,
  • Reads both supply and return flow
  • Applications :
  • Air balancing in commercial buildings and homes,
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Standard Accessories (included) :
  • 2’ x 2’ hood,
  • 4 x support rods,
  • Base assembly,
  • Low flow adapter


: 0 to 200 CFM
: 100 to 600 CFM
: 400 to 1400 CFM

Operating temperature : 0-50°C (32°-122°F)
Dimensions : 94 cm (37″) high, : 64 cm x 64 cm (25” x 25”) base
Operating Weight : 3.18 kg (7 lbs)
Shipping Weight : 7.3 kg (16 lbs)
Response Time : 4 seconds


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