Honeywell Manning EC-F9

Industry leading performance in Ammonia detection technology.

The Manning EC-F9-NH3 with SensorCheck™ features industry-leading performance gas detection technology and adds a built-in system to monitor and predict the sensor’s electrical viability.

Available with an optional LCD that allows real time display of gas concentration. The easy to read display allows for quick visual error events upon startup and troubleshooting and can be calibrated without a voltmeter. The EC-F9-NH3 with LCD is designed to work in the harshest environments including chemical washdown.

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The Manning EC-F9-NH3 sensor consists of a pair of polarised electrodes isolated from the ambient air by a gas permeable membrane. As Ammonia diffuses into the sensor, a redox reaction occurs, generating a current linearly proportional to Ammonia gas concentration. Unlike many other Ammonia sensors, this gas diffusion detector exhibits excellent zero and calibration stability over long periods of time. EC cells often last 3-4 years in the refrigerated environments of food processing and storage warehouses. This sensor can provide direct input into PLC’s and computer control systems that accept a linear 4/20 mA signal either directly from the sensor or from any Manning mulitchannel stand alone alarm consoles with relay or analogue output.

  • Applications :
  • Bakeries,
  • Beverage, Bottling Plants,
  • Blast, Spiral Freezers,
  • Chemical Manufacturing,
  • Gas Bottling Plants,
  • Coolers,
  • Duct-Mounted Sensors,
  • Equipment Rooms,
  • Food Processing,
  • Fruit, Vegetable Processing,
  • Ice Cream Storage,
  • Penthouses,
  • Perimeter Monitoring,
  • Potable Water Plants,
  • Poultry, Meat, Fish Processing,
  • NOx Reduction (power plants),
  • Refrigeration Systems,
  • Storage Freezers,
  • Turbine Inlet Cooling,
  • Wineries
  • Ammonia Specific :
  • Rapid response to Ammonia,
  • Internal monitoring of 4/20 mA loop circuitry continuity


• Can be used with any Honeywell Analytics readout
• Standard range of 100 ppm can be rescaled for higher ranges
• Provides a linear output of 4/20 mA as a function of refrigerant concentration

Easy Maintenance

• Quick and easy calibration
• Realtime calibration eliminates maintenance downtime
• Long sensor life

ATMOS™ Technology

• Allows for operation down to -50 F and in condensing humidity environments or during washdown
• Automatically adapts to its environment and provides accurate and reliable performance under the harshest conditions

SensorCheck™ Technology

• Checks operating parameters of sensors and sends a notification output signal if an anomaly is identified
• Tests the sensor every 24 hours for electrical viability
• Indication can be detected by a Manning gas monitor or PLC


• NEMA 1 #16 gauge heavy-duty steel enclosure
• Explosion-proof design available


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