RKI Eagle 2

6 Gas Sample Drawing Monitor
RKI is proud to offer the next generation of our popular EAGLE portable gas detector. Equipped with features that are not available on competitive units, the EAGLE 2 is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection for LEL, O2, H2S and CO. Detection combinations never before offered in a portable gas monitor are now available featuring the industry’s widest selection of high quality, long life and field proven sensors. The EAGLE 2 now includes PID (Photo Ionization Detector) capability. Conversion factors for a variety of common gases are programmed into the EAGLE 2 for both the PID sensor and LEL/PPM catalytic sensor.

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  • Features :
  • Test Monitor up to 6 different autoranging gases,
  • PPM / LEL hydrocarbon detection,
  • PID (Photo Ionization Detector) low and high range for VOC detection,
  • Infrared Sensors available for CO2, % LEL CH4, % Vol. CH4, % LEL HC, % Vol. HC,
  • TC (Thermal Conductivity) sensor available for % Vol. H2 or % Vol. CH4,
  • Plug and play, smart toxic sensors,
  • Hundreds of configurations,
  • Displays in 5 languages,
  • Powerful long-life pump up to 125’ range,
  • Low flow pump shut off and alarm,
  • Methane elimination for environmental use,
  • Alkaline 18 hours or Ni-MH 20 hours capability,
  • Password protection,
  • Datalogging standard,
  • IrDA communications port,
  • Autocalibration/ single gas calibration,
  • Internal hydrophobic dust filter,
  • External probe with hydrophobic filter,
  • Ergonomic RFI / EMI / chemical / weather resistant enclosure,
  • Intrinsically safe design, CSA approval



  • 0 – 100% LEL (catalytic)
  • 0 – 50,000 ppm (catalytic)
  • 0 – 2,000 ppm (VOC)
  • 0 – 10,000 ppm (CO2)


  • ± 5% of reading or 2% LEL (catalytic)
  • ± 5% of reading or 2 ppm (VOC)
  • ± 5% of reading (CO2)


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