The THERMO TVA-1000B offers both PID and FID in a single, easy to use instrument. The unit is compact and can be used in any plant or field location. With a dual detector, the user has the ability to monitor for organic compounds plus inorganic compounds such as NO/NO2, H2S, ammonia and phosphine. The enhanced probe is designed for Fugitive Emission monitoring with a large display area and menu-driven analyser functions, allowing them to be easily initiated and/or changed at the probe.

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  • Features :
  • Dual simultaneous FID/PID,
  • Portable and lightweight,
  • Multiple response factors,
  • On-board datalogging
  • Applications :
  • Fugitive emissions monitoring,
  • Emergency response analysis,
  • Hazardous waste site evaluation,
  • Industrial hygiene evaluations


Range : PID: 0-2000ppm FID: 0-50,000ppm
Detection limit : PID: 100 ppb benzene FID: 300 ppb hexane
Repeatability : PID: +1% FID: +2%
Response time : PID: 3.5 secs (100ppm Isobutylene) FID: 3.5 secs (10,000ppm methane)
Detector : 10.6eV lamp

Common Specifications:
Sample flow : 1 litre/min
Data logging rate : 1-999 mins
Battery : Rechargeable
Battery life : 16 hours
Hydrogen supply : 8 hours
Dimensions : 34.3 cm x 26.2 cm x 8.1 cm (13.5” x 10.3” x 3.2”)
Weight : 6 kg

Standard Accessories (included):

• AC adapter
• Telescoping sample probe
• Alcohol fill kit
• HEPA filter
• Extra wicks
• Shoulder straps

Optional Accessories:

• Hydrogen fuel
• Calibration kit


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