TSI Portacount PRO Respiratory Fit Testing

The TSI Portacount Pro system removes all the guess work in respirator fit testing. The Portacount Plus instrument, combined with a personal computer and TSI Fit Plus Software, draws the operator into participation in the testing process. Results are automatically saved in the Fit Plus Database for permanent record keeping. This is a quantitative approach to respirator fit testing using microscopic particles in the air as the challenge agent.

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  • Features :
  • No harmful challenge agents,
  • Results are displayed immediately,
  • Configureable PASS/FAIL settings,
  • Exercise sets can be customized,
  • No “recovery period” necessary

Dimensions : 24.0 cm x 19.0 cm x 14.0 cm (9.5” x 7.5” x 5.5”)
Weight : 1.9 kg (4.2 Ibs)
Fit factor range : 1 to 10,000 (user adjustable)
Particle size : 0.02 to greater than 1 micrometer
Power source : 115V AC adapter
Output : RS-232 to computer or printer


• Educational tool for new employees: the proper selection and use of respirators
• Evaluation of company respirator programs
• Yearly requirements for company records

Standard Accessories (included):

• Portacount Plus software
• AC adapter
• Alcohol
• HEPA filter
• 1/8′ to 3/10″ tube adapter
• 1/16′ to 3/10″ tube adapter

Optional Accessories:

• Laptop computer
• Mask adapters


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