TSI Quest EVM-7 Indoor Air Quality, VOC and Particulate Monitor

The TSI Quest EVM-7 Environmental Monitor measures the standard air quality parameters CO2, CO, temperature, humidity plus VOC’s and particulates. A built-in sampling pump for particulate gravimetric analysis makes this unit the most complete environmental monitor in our rental fleet. A versatile built-in data logger and data management software allows for analysis of the data […]

YES-AIR Indoor Air Quality temp and humidity, CO, CO2, NO2

YESAIR features an eight channel air quality monitor including RH and temperature and five additional plug and play sensors from a choice of 10 sensors for monitoring toxic, combustible and oxygen. Readings can be logged to an SD card with over a million data points that can be later downloaded to a computer via the […]

TSI Q-Trak IAQ monitor CO2, CO, Temp & Humidity

The TSI Q-TRAK is a lightweight, handheld, datalogging instrument that provides real-time measurements of IAQ parameters. The unit can be used for both spot sampling and long term unattended monitoring. The Q-Trak measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity. The TSI TRACKPRO data analysis software allows the user to download the data to […]

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