SoundPro SE Integrating Datalogging Sound Level Meter

The 3M Model SoundPro SE/DL is a precision type 2 sound level meter with real -time frequency analysis and data storing capabilities. This sound level meter takes full or third octave band real time measurements while simultaneously measuring broadband sound. Features such as a menu driven user interface, quick keypad calibration, removable SD memory card […]

QUEST Noise Pro DLX Noise Dosimeter

The NoisePro DLX offers innovative features not previously available on Quest noise dosimeters. It has four virtual dosimeters, so you can monitor for compliance against different standards – or log up to four different events. Noise data from the DLX model can be logged at selectable intervals from 1 second up to 1 hour. Advanced […]

QUEST Edge 4 Noise Dosimeter

The 3M-Quest EDGE 4 is a cable-free personal noise dosimeter that has all the features of the NoisePro DLX. The unit is lightweight with contoured shoulder mount making noise monitoring very comfortable for the wearer. The stored data is easily downloaded to a computer via the EdgeDock, which is also used for charging the unit. […]

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