Is Solar Worth It In Alberta?

We love it when people ask us: is solar worth it in Alberta? Clean air is our mission, so we are big fans of solar energy and we love telling people how we’re using it to save money. We got a couple of great chances to share our enthusiasm over the past two weeks. The Calgary Citizen reported on our new solar/ EV installation. You can read the story here.

Photo of Kae Shummoogum, founder of Gasonic

I took advantage of the green energy rebates available right now and hooked up 29 solar panels to the roof of our offices here at Gasonic. I connected it to an intelligent power management system, and chargers for our electric vehicles. In five months, I have not only produced enough energy to consistently power our business, I have also produced enough to drive my car completely around the world. When you ask yourself “is solar worth it?” make sure to consider the possibilities if you use it to power not only your home or business, but your vehicle or fleet.

Here’s a video we made (with some cool drone footage) to show how it all works:

I’m offering education sessions about my solar installation, and leveraging the government rebates and incentives. Contact me to set one up.

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