How typical for Calgary to ring in the new year with -25 temperatures.

I’ve been carefully watching my back fence the past few weeks. Why you ask? It’s become my own personal predictor for when Calgary businesses will have an increase in carbon monoxide incidents.

You see, the narrow chain link of my fence is much like the metal mesh that covers most air intake systems in commercial buildings. When it gets very cold, the frost buildup on this metal can reduce the fresh air intake. When I see the frost build up on my fence, I know I can expect emergency calls about carbon monoxide incidents.

Proper CO Meters Save Lives as Well as Money

The beeping of a simple household detector, the kind big box stores sell, sent residents of a large condo building outside last month. The same thing happened during a particularly frosty week last winter.

Every winter for the last five years, one or more buildings in Calgary were evacuated after ice blocking the fresh air intake caused carbon monoxide to build up indoors.

Carbon monoxide incidents are costly to respond to. They can open you up to liability, or contribute to insurance costs. Blocked air ducts can cause your ventilation system to run continuously, which is also expensive.

Proper CO detection saves lives, and can also save you money in the long run.

Commercial Carbon Monoxide Monitor Service

Our gas detection specialists’ expertise is about more than just the detection equipment, it’s about knowing what environmental circumstances might increase the chance of hazardous gas incidents in the first place.

With a little help from my fence, I can predict when CO incidents may increase, and it’s my advice to double check your air ducts for frost and ice during this kind of weather.

In large buildings, indoor air quality isn’t as simple as opening a window. We can help you ensure your building’s occupants are save and your system is as efficient as possible.

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