RCS Microbial Sampling Pump

The RCS Microbial Sampling Pump impacts airborne micro-organisms in an air sample on an agar strip. The sample media are sent to a lab for analysis.

Gillian 5000 Air Sampling Pump

The Gilian 5000 is a programmable air sampling pump that can be set between 20 -5000 ml/min for a broad range of applications for industrial hygiene studies, environmental sampling and indoor air quality assessments. The Gilian 5000 can be used as a personal or area pump when connected to sampling media such as filters, impingers, […]

GAST High Flow Pump

The GAST High Volume Air Sampling Pump allows for operation at much higher flowrates than achievable with “personal”-type pumps. A large volume of air can therefore be sampled in a relatively short time period. Requires AC power source.

Drycal DC-Lite Primary Flow Calibrator

The Drycal DC-Lite uses near-frictionless piston technology, eliminating the need for soap solution. This revolutionary method eliminates spills and operator error, making it a more accurate method of calibration.

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