TSI VelociCalc 9565-P

The TSI Q-TRAK is a lightweight, handheld, datalogging instrument that provides real-time measurements of IAQ parameters. The unit can be used for both spot sampling and long term unattended monitoring. The Q-Trak measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity. The TSI TRACKPRO data analysis software allows the user to download the data to […]

ALNOR CompuFlow 8570

The ALNOR CompuFlow Thermo-Anemometermeasures air velocity, volumetric flow rate, and temperature using a thermo Anemometer probe. Readings are displayed on a digital LCD screen in the appropriate units.

ALNOR Balometer Jr – Air Flow Measurement

The ALNOR Balometer Jr assists the user in making rapid and accurate measurements of air flow in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. The Alnor Balometer directly reads average standard air flow rate, for either supply or return diffusers, on the ceilings, walls, or floor. The readings are displayed directly in CFM (cubic feet per […]

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