TSI Portacount PRO Respiratory Fit Testing

The TSI Portacount Pro system removes all the guess work in respirator fit testing. The Portacount Plus instrument, combined with a personal computer and TSI Fit Plus Software, draws the operator into participation in the testing process. Results are automatically saved in the Fit Plus Database for permanent record keeping. This is a quantitative approach […]

TRACER Micro Elf Magnetic Field Meter

The Tracer micro ELF is a magnetic field-detection and measurement instrument. This unit provides an accurate indication of pulsed/alternating magnetic fields around most electrical/electronic equipment such as video display terminals, televisions, electrical appliances and tools, power lines and office equipment.

SPER SCIENTIFIC Model 840020 Light Meter

The SPER SCIENTIFIC Model 840020 Light Meter displays illumination levels in user-selectable units of Lux or footcandles.

LUDLUM 3-97 NORM Meter

The Model 3-97 is a portable survey instrument for the detection of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM). The instrument has an internal scintillator that detects low level gamma radiation, and can be used with an external probe. The Model 44-9 GM (pancake) detector will detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation.

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