SENSIT LMD Laser Methane Detector

SENSIT LMD Laser Methane detectoris the latest leak detection technology without the inconvenience of hydrogen fuel. The unit provides for efficient survey of natural gas leaks in buried pipelines. An LCD readout and audible alarm provides the user with rapid indication of leaks. The probe design is similar to the one currently used on flame […]

JEROME Mercury Vapour Analyser

The Jerome 431–X Mercury Vapour Analyzer uses a unique gold film sensor for the detection and accurate measurement of mercury vapor in air. The gold film sensor eliminates interference problems such as water vapour and hydrocarbons.

Crowcon LaserMethane

The Crowcon LaserMethane is a revolutionary methane leak detection device that is fast and easy to use. The instrument uses a laser to point at a target and provides an instantaneous methane per metre reading on a large LCD display.


Single Toxic Gas Monitor Built around RKIs latest smart sensor technology, the SC-01 is a versatile single toxic gas monitor. The smart sensors are interchangeable, with the SC-01 automatically recognizing any sensor change without any set up or configuration changes. The sensors calibration information also stays with each sensor. Weighing only 7.6 ounces, it has […]

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